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■ Social Welfare

Group gets grant

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families received a US$7,500 grant from US-based Target Corporation & AMC. The group's international grant program aims to help worldwide organizations that provide children and youth with quality education opportunities. The fund was chosen for helping create positive, welcoming and learning environments that help the young become knowledgeable, productive citizens of the global community. The group will support the fund's program for needy children in remote areas.

■ Health

Acupuncture shrinks breast

A woman saw her D-cup breast shrink back to A after receiving an acupuncture treatment for pimples on her face, a doctor said on Tuesday. The woman, in her late 20s, who had saline-fill implant surgery to enlarge her breasts, recently went to an acupuncture clinic to treat her facial pimples, said Chen Huan-tang (陳煥堂) of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. "The patient was told by the acupuncturist that needling would be done on her left breast, but being too shy to tell the truth, the woman just let the acupuncturist pierce her implant," Chen said. "Weeks later, she found her left breast shrank back to A-cup, a contrast to her D-cup breast on the right, and she finally came to us for help,"Chen said. He said the small acupuncture needles damaged the saline-filled implant, resulting in leaking of the solution. "Fortunately, saline solution is not harmful to the body, or she would have suffered even more," the doctor said. But he said it took a great effort to refill the left breast to the same size as the right one.

■ Government

Two ministries reprimanded

The Control Yuan yesterday officially complained and corrected the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of the Interior and their agencies for not responding to the March 19 Shooting Truth Investigation Special Committee before the Council of Grand Justices decided that they do not have to do so. The Control Yuan said that the March 19 Shooting Truth Investigation Special Committee Statute (三一九槍擊事件真相調查特別委員會條例) was a law passed by the Legislative Yuan and announced by the president. Before grand justices decided that the statute was partially unconstitutional and needed to be amended, the law was totally legal and should have been followed. However, under the ministries' orders, the Taiwan District Prosecutors' Office and the Criminal Investigation Bureau refused to report to the committee when asked to do so. As of press time last night, neither ministry had responded to the complaint and correction.

■ Labor Issues

Unions urge amendment

The Taiwan Conferedation of Trade Unions (TCTU) yesterday held a press conference at the Legislative Yuan, urging lawmakers to pass the TCTU's version of the Third Labor Law (勞動三法) amendment draft during this legislative session. According to the TCTU, its amendment draft includes proposals regarding the autonomy rights of labor unions, more freedom in the structure of unions, diverse negotiation channels to handle labor disputes and a regulation which stipulates that without providing a proper reason, an employer has no right to refuse signing a contract with a labor union.

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