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Most Taiwanese women think they are fat


Eighty-six percent of Taiwanese career-oriented women want to lose weight and 84 percent have tried losing weight, according to a survey published yesterday.

The Pan-Asia Human Resources Management and Consulting Corporation mailed questionaires to 15,000 women and received 5,937 replies.

Among those who replied, 86 percent want to lose weight, 84 percent have tried, 72 percent were on a diet, 56 percent fasted, 48 percent took weight-loss pills, 32 percent exercised, but only 28 percent have succeeded.

When asked about their perception of their figure, 64 percent said they are dissatisfied with their figure.

Only 15 percent of the respondents said they were satisfied with their appearance.

When asked who they think is the "most beautiful and slimmest" woman, most of them voted for Taiwan's top model, the 31-year-old, 1.75m tall Lin Chih-ling (林志玲), who weighs 52kg.

The poll showed that many Taiwanese women have been humiliated or deprived of promotion opportunities because their bosses think they are fat.

"When I went for the job interview, my boss did not like my figure and said fat people are usually lazy," said Wang Hsiao-ting, an Internet company assistant who used to weigh 90kg.

"My colleagues called me `Pang Mei' (胖妹, Fat Sister), `Fei Fei' (肥肥, Fat Fat) and `Mu Zhu' (母豬, She Pig)," Wang said at the news conference announcing the poll's result.

"I worked as hard as others but never got a promotion. I was so angry that I wanted to kill someone," she said.

But Wang, who is in her 20s, said she is feeling better now after losing 15kg.

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