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On the campaign trail with Wang

While racing from one pan-blue campaign event to another, KMT heavyweight and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng told `Taipei Times' reporter Debby Wu that the pan-blue camp must retain a majority in the legislature to prevent Taiwan from becoming what he referred to as a pan-green `dictatorship'


Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng.


Taipei Times: What is the pan-blue camp's main message in the legislative elections?

Wang Jin-pyng: The pan-blue camp's message is "Taiwan will have a way out only if we walk on the right path." This means that the pan-blue camp has to win a majority in the legislature, and with already over four years in the opposition, we will be able to supervise the government well in the next three years.

Otherwise, the government may be able to do whatever it wants and become a dictatorship. Only by walking on the right path can we balance the administration and move forward on the road of democracy and reform.

TT: How do you respond to the DPP's message that the "pan-green majority would bring reform"?

Wang: Economy and democracy are the two best things Taiwan has and the US has been using Taiwan as a role model for democracy. Yet the US does not really understand the current essence of Taiwan's "democracy," which is actually quite problematic.

After I have talked to some American friends, they have come to understand that Taiwan is actually moving toward a dictatorship.

If Taiwan really wants to walk on the road of democracy and revolution, Taiwan needs to develop its economy, and for that we need cross-strait peace.

TT: Do you think the pan-green or pan-blue camp will win a majority in the legislature after the election, or will there be a hung legislature?

Wang: I don't know whether either side will win a majority, but at least we will do better than the pan-green camp in this election.

TT: If it comes to a hung legislature, will the pan-blue camp seek out the Non-Partisan Solidarity Union and independent lawmakers to form an opposition alliance?

Wang: We will see about that only after the election, and see what to do according to the situation after the election. It is difficult to say anything right now.

TT: Does the pan-blue merger have any effect on this election?

Wang: We [pan-blue camp as a whole] haven't been able to make a comprehensive evaluation of the election together, so the election can only be conducted in this manner now. If we all had wanted a comprehensive evaluation together, everyone should have sat down and talked. But since this did not work out, now each can only run their campaigns separately.

TT: Is the pan-blue camp operating a "dump and save" strategy the final stage of the election? (In this strategy, the party leadership "dumps"candidates that don't have a chance of winning and "saves" their stronger candidates by instructing party supporters to vote only for the stronger ones).

Wang: Now that every candidate has run his or her campaign for such a long time, it is very difficult to ask anyone to give up the election. It is not this easy to integrate the individual campaigns.

The pan-blue camp's limited-number-of-nominations strategy at the beginning was quite helpful to the campaign and the KMT has nominated very smartly this time. But it is out of our control that some still decided to run against the party's will.

TT: Will talks about the pan-blue merger resume after the election?

Wang: I don't know. The merger will depend on destiny, and it cannot be forced.

TT: What about the recent rumor that KMT chairman Lien Chan (連戰) will announce before the election that he will step down after the election?

Wang: It is laughable that the country's leader should spread such a rumor. Just imagine what would happen if there was a rumor that A-bian (President Chen Shui-bian, 陳水扁) will decide to let (Vice President) Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) take over in 2008.

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