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Ex-legislator in civil suit over `kidnapping' incident

`SERVING VOTERS?'A former KMT legislator is seeking compensation after he was `forced' to attend a sex party. The ex-lawmaker said he was tending to his constituents

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

The attorney of former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Huang Hsien-chou (黃顯洲) told civil court judges yesterday that he will seek an out-of-court settlement for his client regarding compensation.

The Taipei District Court's Civil Department yesterday held a hearing on Huang's request for NT$810,000 in compensation from Chan Hui-hua (詹惠華), his ex-girlfriend and a prostitute, as well as Yu Hung-tsan (游洪贊), a friend of Chan's father.

The event in question began when Huang reported to police that he had been robbed, kidnapped and forced to participate in a sex party in a hotel room at Taipei's Grand Hyatt Hotel on Dec. 26, 2001.

Prosecutors later discovered that everyone, including Huang and two other Chinese prostitutes at the sex party had taken the drug ecstasy.

Huang never admitted to taking drugs, although the court ruled against him and sentenced him to attend a drug rehabilitation program.

According to the indictment by Taipei Prosecutor Kuo Yung-fa (郭永發), Huang insisted he was merely "serving his voters" at the crime scene and he was the victim.

Chan and Yu were sentenced to seven and a half years in prison back in 2002. They have appealed the case to the Taiwan High Court. The High Court asked for the civil case to be concluded quickly so the criminal case could proceed.

"We will ask the defendants to pay the compensation in installments," said Liu Hsien-chang (劉憲璋), Huang's lawyer. "This can be arranged."

According to Kuo's indictment, Huang said that Chan called him on Dec. 26 and asked to meet on Dec. 27 at the hotel to discuss her mother's money problems. After entering the hotel room and drinking a cup of tea given to him by Chan, Huang reportedly fell unconscious. He said that when he woke up on Dec. 28, he found himself naked, and tied to the bed.

Chan and Yu told him they had taken pictures of his naked body, and would use them to blackmail him.

The Taichung-based Huang said he came to Taipei for business on Dec. 25 and stayed at his office at the Legislative Yuan. However, his statement was contradicted by his cellphone records, which indicated that Huang was not anywhere close to the Legislative Yuan on Dec. 26. The indictment also said that after Huang arrived at the hotel room and took drugs, Chan and Yu then called two Chinese prostitutes for a sex party. Huang reportedly fell unconscious and Chan and Yu then took NT$13,000 from Huang's wallet and asked the two prostitutes to leave.

During Huang's detainment at the hotel -- from Dec. 27 to Dec. 31 -- Chan allegedly coerced Huang into giving her the PIN number of his bank card and withdrew a total of NT$810,000 from Huang's account.

That is also the amount of money Huang has requested in compensation from the pair.

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