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Shooting report due in early September


Forensics expert Henry Lee, center, talks with Ho Yu-yi, left, director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and State Public Prosecutor General Lu Ren-fa, right, at CKS International Airport while Lee was on a transit stop yesterday.


Forensic expert Henry Lee (李昌鈺) said yesterday that a comprehensive report on the March 19 shooting of President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) will be completed between next month and September.

Lee made the remarks at an impromptu press conference held at a hotel near CKS International Airport after he arrived in Taiwan early in the morning for a stop on his way to Singapore for an international symposium.

Lee said that he had exchanged views with Ho Yu-yi (侯友宜), director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and State Public Prosecutor General Lu Ren-fa (盧仁發) over a breakfast meeting.

"My stop here is mainly to discuss with bureau forensic officials the evidence collected so far on the shooting," he said, adding that "my report on the shooting will be completed between late August and early September."

Noting that he is a forensic scientist, Lee said that he is only responsible for this aspect of the case and that Ru and Ho will be in charge of the judicial and investigatory aspects of the case. He will also discuss with Ho whether to conduct further ballistics tests.

Lee also said that he will not take part in an ad hoc investigation team, saying that "the matter has nothing to do with me."

Chen recently agreed to the establishment of the ad-hoc team, which is being headed by Fredrick Chien (錢復), president of the Control Yuan -- the nation's top watchdog body.

Lee said that "this is a complicated case, and if the crime scene had been preserved well, it could have been solved earlier," adding that the matching of the bullets and the pistol are now crucial.

The bureau announced its report on the shooting late last month, saying it believed a modified replica pistol was the weapon used to injure Chen and Lu.

Ho said at the time that experiments conducted by forensic analysts within the bureau found that a modified replica pistol, commonly used by local gangsters, would be powerful enough to penetrate the windshield of a car and the clothing of a person, as well as graze the skin of the victim.

This may explain why Chen was only slightly injured and why the bullet came to rest between his clothing and his skin, Ho said.

Bureau officials also said that though the modified pistols can be lethal, they are not as powerful as standard pistols and the trajectories of their bullets are lower than those of bullets fired from standard pistols, which is why tests conducted in April by a panel of US ballistics experts led by Lee with laser equipment did not match the ballistic curve of the bullet that wounded the president.

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