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A new political party launched today


A new political party that claims it will insist on establishing an independent Taiwan and crafting a new constitution will be launched today.

William Huang (黃玉炎), former vice chairman of the Independence Party and one of the founders of the planned Formosa Party, said the new party will be inaugurated today to symbolize that Taiwan, like the US which celebrates its Independence Day on July 4, moves toward becoming a normal new country on that day.

He pointed out that the present turmoil in Taiwan society can be attributed to China's oppression, the opposition pan-blue alliance's ideology of embracing a greater China, and the inequality in Taiwan society.

"For the long-term stability of Taiwan, the island must cut its abnormal lingering relations with China once and for all so as to establish a new Taiwanese nation based on its own identity," he said.

Huang also said that the Democratic Progressive Party and its ally the Taiwan Solidarity Union, which now enjoy wide popularity, seem to be content to maintain the status quo of the Republic of China on Taiwan and share its political and economic benefits among themselves.

"The heavy task of crafting a new constitution now rests solely on former president Lee Teng-hui's(李登輝) shoulders," Huang said.

After the party is established, it will take on the sacred mission of "establishing an independent country and crafting a constitution so as not to let down the former president and the many other predecessors who have advocated Taiwan independence," he said.

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