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Civil servants to declare large gifts


Senior public servants are required to declare gifts worth more than NT$200,000 under the government regulations relating to ethics, a Control Yuan official said yesterday.

Control Yuan Secretary-General Tu Shan-liang (杜善良) said those who are obliged to report their assets under the Public Functionary Assets Disclosure Law must report all family possessions in their declaration forms to be submitted to the Control Yuan.

At the moment, Tu said, the disclosed assets are mostly land, real estate, houses, vehicles, jewelry and financial assets. Few public officials, however, have reported paintings and works of art in the assets declaration because of difficulties in defining the value of the art pieces, he added.

Tu was speaking during a meeting of the Legislative Yuan's Judiciary Committee, where he was questioned about the assets declaration and related affairs.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Chiu Chuei-chen (邱垂貞) asked Tu whether the recipient would be punished if he did not record a gift on the wealth-declaration form because he did not know the value of the gift.

Tu said in this kind of case -- if the recipient did not declare the gift he received because he did not know whether the gift was valued over NT$200,000 -- the Control Yuan would give more lenient considerations.

In asking the question, Chiu referred to news reports that Tainan Mayor Hsu Tien-tsai (許添財) had allegedly received a diamond ball-point pen from a Tainan resident as a gift upon his being elected mayor two years ago, but Hsu did not list the pen on his wealth-declaration form to the Control Yuan. The pen was reportedly worth NT$1 million.

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