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Poland - a country in the heart of Europe

By Warsaw Trade Office

Legally and duty-free, you can bring in all sorts of goods. If you are over 18, you can bring in alcohol (0.5 L of the hard stuff, 2 L of wine, or 5 L of beer) and tobacco products (250 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 250 g of tobacco). Otherwise, you can bring in prescription medicines, gifts, and personal items. The last includes the normal electronic equipment one might have if traveling for pleasure or business (mobile phones, still and video cameras, laptops, accompanying peripherals, etc.); current voltage in Poland is 220/240 V. It also includes jewelry, walkmans or binoculars, provided that you take all such items with you when you depart.

You can also bring any amount of foreign currency. Sums above 5000 EUR you need to declare upon entry. You cannot bring in any materials which threaten the natural environment, pornography or illegal drugs.

Objects of art created before 9 May 1945 need a permit. If your newest purchase was created after VE Day, then you can prove it with a receipt from the store or a certifying document from a National Museum (almost every major city has got one; you need the Department of Art Certification). As for less durable souvenirs, you can leave Poland with the same amounts of alcohol and tobacco as listed above, provided you're of age. Finally, you are not supposed to take any Polish currency beyond the borders, nor more foreign currency than you brought in.

English and German are among the better known foreign languages spoken in Poland. especially in the larger urban centers and hotels. Medical standards are not far from those found in most western European countries. In major cities hospitals can offer all forms of treatment and modern diagnostic equipment. Private clinics are also available, but treatment is not free of charge.

For more information please visit following websites: www.pot.gov.pl; www.poland.pl www.discover-poland.pl; www.travelpoland.pl; www.poland-tourism.pl; www.staypoland.com; or for tourist/business trips contact Warsaw (Poland) Trade Office in Taipei: warsaw.office@msa.hinet.net, (02) 27222-0139; (02) 2722-0115; fax (02) 2722-0557.

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