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Hardened crook gets three years for daring escape

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

The Taipei Detention House yesterday said that an escape like that of "Pangolin" Chan Lung-lan (詹龍欄) will not easily happen again, after Chan was sentenced to three years in jail on Friday for escaping from the detention center nine years ago.

On Friday, the Panchiao District Court handed down a three-year jail sentence for Chan for his escape from the Taipei Detention House on Aug. 28, 1994, along with two other criminals, Hsu Kai-tsi (徐開喜) and Tsai Cheng-feng (蔡正鳳). Chan was not present at court on Friday.

Hsu was apprehended in Taipei on Sept. 6, 1995 and Tsai was apprehended in Taichung on Oct. 11 the same year. Both of them had four years added to their sentences for their escape, which did not make any actual change since they were serving life sentences for murder and blackmail.

According to the police, Chan was nicknamed "Pangolin" because he was very good at escaping manhunts, especially in the mountains.

When they escaped, Chan was serving a four-year sentence for drug abuse and forging documents.

"After they got away successfully nine years ago, we decided that Aug. 28 will be our `day of disgrace,' as a constant reminder of the incident.

"After that, we have increased security and manage the inmates more strictly to prevent similar incidents," said Chiu Wen-chen (邱文禎), deputy warden at the detention house.

According to Chiu, the trio poured sleeping pill powder into prison guards' drinks, took their keys to open the cells and got away successfully after three guards, Sang Chi-yuan (桑志遠), Chiang Wu-chi (江武期) and Chen Neng-biao (陳能標), fainted after drinking the sleeping potion.

Sang, Chiang and Chen have been fired and are being prosecuted because of the incident.

"The same thing will not happen again inside our facilities," said Chiu.

The three-year sentence will not make any difference to Chan, either, because he is currently serving a life sentence at the Taipei Prison in Kueishan Township, Taoyuan County, for dealing in drugs.

Chan was wanted for more than 10 cases of robbery, drug smuggling, murder and kidnapping.

He fled to China in 1995 and allegedly went on to commit numerous crimes.

While he was staying in China, he gradually became involved with the local mafia, gangs and the police, and again began smuggling arms and dealing drugs.

He was arrested and jailed by the Chinese police for kidnapping a businessman in Yunnan, China, on March 18, 2000.

The Chinese authorities decided to release him on parole on March 17 last year but confined him to his house.

After a series of talks, the Chinese police turned him over to Taiwan's police authorities on April 2 last year.

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