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Pan-blue lawmakers form female legislators group


Several pan-blue legislators formed the Female Legislators Alliance yesterday, aiming to promote women's welfare issues in the Legislative Yuan.

At a press conference, the alliance set out its five main goals: to continue to push for bills relating to women's safety, to request the central government set up a commission for gender equality at the ministerial level to replace the Commission for the Promotion of Women's Rights, to promote women's participation in politics and the legislature, to strengthen police efforts in preventing domestic violence and reflect on police and military school's limited positions for female students, and lastly to monitor the government's budget for women's issues.

"We are hoping to push for better equality between the two sexes and the happiness of the families and society," said and PFP Legislator Chaq Liang-yen (趙良燕).

The alliance also talked about the promotion of women's participation in politics.

"Having top-level female officials such as Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) in the government does not mean we have reached equality yet," said KMT Legislators Huang Chao-shun (黃昭順).

Huang also said she was worried over the possible suppression of women politicians following a change in election rules that will see only one legislator elected in each constituency.

"We also want the parties to guarantee they reserve at least one-third of their nominations in the legislative elections for women," PFP Legislator Lee Yung-ping (李永萍) said.

When asked whether this was a pan-blue-only league, Chaq said that the alliance would welcome female legislators from other parties and they had in fact faxed the invitation to all female legislators, but since the legislature was not in session and the Hualian by-election was attracting everyone's attention, they had not received any response from other legislators yet.

The other members of the alliance are KMT legislators Chu Feng-chih (朱鳳芝), Chiang Chi-wen (江綺雯) and Chang Jen-hiang (章仁香) and PFP legislators Chin Hui-chu (秦慧珠) and Ke Shu-min (柯淑敏).

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