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Yu's bodyguards accused of rape by unnamed woman

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

A woman yesterday accused two of Premier Yu Shyi-kun's guards of rape and deception.

The woman recorded her statement on a cassette tape which was played by New Party's Taipei City Councilor Lee Ching-yuan (李慶元) during a press conference yesterday.

The woman on the tape identified herself as "Miss A," refusing to reveal her surname.

The two accused police officers are Hsieh Wen-shou (謝文碩) and Lin Fu-yuan (林富源).

`Peace preservation'

Both were serving as Yu's security guards. They belong to the Second Squad of the National Police Administration's Sixth Peace Preservation Police and Hsieh was the deputy chief of the squad.

Both men were placed on probation and transferred to other office jobs after the accusations made news.

The Sixth Peace Preservation Police are responsible for the security of government officials. The first squad is responsible for the security of the president and vice president. The second squad takes care of the heads of government offices.

According to "Miss A," she and Lin became acquainted through an Internet chat-room on June 8 last year and they later became boyfriend and girlfriend.

On June 28 this year, she said she and seven other people got together for dinner as part of a junior-high school get-together. She brought Lin to the reunion and Lin invited Hsieh to attend.

Married men

"Hsieh said that he was not married so we tried to introduce one of our classmates, `Miss B,' to him ... Hsieh drove my friend to a hotel and raped her that night," "Miss A" said.

She said that Lin had said that he was not married.

Both officers are married.

"[Hsieh] confessed everything to me on June 29 this year ... But Hsieh and Lin were outrageous. They even called my friend a hooker. I decided to step forward to make it public because I cannot stand it anymore," "Miss A" said.

The case first made front-page news in Chinese-language newspapers on Saturday. However, the scenario reported in the papers was completely different than "Miss A's" account.

According to the newspaper reports, Hsieh went to a hostess bar with his friends while on duty on June 28 and checked into a hotel with a prostitute, surnamed Liu.

The story alleged that Hsieh was set-up by the Liu and her friends. Hsieh paid NT$200,000 to Liu to cover up the scandal but he also notified the appropriate local police station as well.

However, Saturday's reports did not mention Lin or "Miss A" at all.

"Miss A" did not state in the tape played at the press conference her friend was the person surnamed Liu mentioned in the newspapers.

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