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`Wolf' likely to reoffend: doctor

NO CHANGE The serial rapist who wants to attend National Taiwan University has a 95 percent chance of raping again, the psychiatrist leading his evaluation said

By Jimmy Chuang  /  STAFF REPORTER

As a reformed gangster appealed for the parole of the "Hwakang Wolf," a psychiatrist said yesterday the serial rapist is "95 percent" likely to reoffend.

Lee Kuang-hui (李光輝), director of the psychiatry department at Peitou Armed Forces Hospital, is a member of the rehabilitation evaluation committee for the wolf, who is identified only by the surname Yang.

"We divide rapists into three categories -- `anger,' `power' and `attitude.' Unfortunately, Yang is a combination of all three," Lee said. "The chances of him raping another women stand at 95 percent, I am afraid."

Lee has been studying Yang at his rehabilitation program at the Taipei Prison for the past three years.

According to Lee, rapists who fit into the "anger" category will commit rape when they lose control of their tempers.

Rapists in the "power" category insult their victims while committing the crime.

"Attitude" rapists know that what they are doing is wrong but act out of a desire for sex.

Lee said that, in the US, if the chance of reoffending is 45 or above, the rapist will not be paroled.

"Yang's case is complicated," Lee said. "We believe he has tried very hard during his rehabilitation process and he does have the right to be educated."

"But it is very difficult to persuade the public to risk themselves over a 5 percent possibility he will never repeat the crime," Lee added.

Officials tied to the Ministry of Justice are reviewing Yang's parole application and say there will be a decision before the end of the year.

Yang was convicted eight years ago on seven charges of theft and 27 counts of rape. Yang's victims were mostly female college students in Taipei's Shihlin and Peitou areas.

Yang is applying for parole in order to attend National Taiwan University this September.

Meanwhile, Stone Lin (林建隆), a former gangster who is now an associate professor at the English department of Soochow University, said that pressure from the public is the main reason Yang's parole application has been repeatedly knocked back.

"He did too well in the rehabilitation program and the Joint College Entrance Exam so people question whether he has really been rehabilitated or not. If he gained admission to other schools, he would have been paroled and become a college student already," Lin said.

"He gained admission to NTU as a jailbird. Plus, he was a rapist. It's no surprise he became the center of attention."

According to Lin, the Ministry of Justice denied Yang's application last year because of social pressure. However, if the ministry declines his application again this year, it will no doubt face protests from human-rights groups, Lin said.

"I still believe that we should not take away his right to be educated. He was a rapist, but that does not mean he should spend the rest of his life in jail," Lin said.

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