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KMT to take hosts of radio talk show to court for libel

By Sandy Huang  /  STAFF REPORTER

The KMT will file a libel suit against two radio talk-show hosts over remarks the party believes damaged both its reputation and that of Chairman Lien Chan (連戰), party spokesman Alex Tsai (蔡正元) said yesterday

"The KMT has decided to file a lawsuit on the basis of libel which the defendants had intentionally communicated to the public via radio talk shows to injure both the party and Lien's reputation and image," Tsai said.

In his defense, Chang Sung-ken (章松根), co-host of the Tainan-based radio talk show cited by the KMT, said the statements made on his program did not damage Lien's reputation.

"Our remarks were not a personal attack on Lien," Chang said.

"Given the kind of humor used [on the show], we based our criticism of the pan-blue camp on reports that had already been published in newspapers, other media and the like," Chang said.

In view of various radio and TV shows that routinely attack President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and the DPP, Chang said, it is unfair for the KMT to file a libel suit against him and his partner just because "the KMT can't stand unflattering remarks."

Tsai said harsh remarks can be frequently heard on radio programs and that the legal action would serve as a warning to other stations.

The moves comes as the party gears up for the presidential election next March and is looking to improve Lien's image in southern Taiwan, a traditional DPP stronghold.

Lien is heading the blue camp's presidential ticket with PFP Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) as his running mate.

The KMT's complaint against Chang and his partner cited several quotes as examples of the program damaging Lien's image.

The complaint quoted the radio program as saying, "The joint ticket of Lien and Soong is almost tantamount to the world's greatest fraud ring."

"For the pure reason of money and Lien's presidential bid, he is willing to disregard Soong's past embezzlement of KMT assets to now cooperate with the corrupt Soong. Such an act is tantamount to a husband having an affair with other women. Instead of being upset, the wife turns about and helps the husband rape others," was one statement from the program cited in the complaint.

Another quote cited in the complaint said, "The alliance of Lien and Soong shares many similarities with some married couples who tricked women in addition to sexually harassing them in the name of God."

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