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Wanted man caught

Police yesterday arrested a man and seized 26kg of amphetamines at his hiding place in Fengshan, Kaohsiung County. The fugitive, identified only by his surname of Huang, had been wanted by police for a 1996 shooting. He had been at large since that time, using a fake identification card to evade arrest. He told the police that the amphetamines were smuggled into Taiwan by a drug trafficking ring from a country that he did not name. The police are trying to track down other suspects in the drug ring which has allegedly brought amphetamines into the country.


Thermometers to be given

The Taipei City Government has ordered one million electronic thermometers to help control SARS in the city, an official of the city's Bureau of Public Health said yesterday. The official said that some of the thermometers have already been delivered by suppliers and are being sold at most drugstores in the city at a discount price of NT$50 (US$1.43) each. To buy the product at the discount price, customers must show identification to prove they live in Taipei, he added. The city government hopes at least 50 percent of Taipei's households, or 400,000 families, will have thermometers within the coming week. The city government official said Taipei residents should take their temperature at least twice a day and should immediately call for an ambulance should their temperature exceed 38?C.


Police fine family

Taipei police fined a family NT$1.2 million for breaking a domestic quarantine on Saturday. The parents and their two children received domestic quarantine notices because the father, surnamed Lin (林), was found to have a high fever and suspected of carrying SARS. Policemen visited Lin's residence at around 3pm on Saturday afternoon for a routine check but no one answered the door. Local police called Lin, who said they were all sleeping at home. Officers became suspicious and called again at Lin's residence. They waited at Lin's doors until around 6pm, when the family's four members returned by taxi. The couple told the policemen they had no choice but to break their home quarantine because the children were suffering from toothaches and had to be taken to the dentist.


Former navy man jailed

A retired naval lieutenant commander has been sentenced to a 15-year jail term by China on espionage charges, it was reported yesterday. Lu Yi-chun (呂逸群), 48, was convicted last Thursday for allegedly serving as a Taiwan agent collecting information on China, Chinese-language media quoted former parliamentarian Feng Hu-hsiang as saying. Former lieutenant commander Lu, who retired from the navy in 1989 and set up a trading company in Shanghai in 1994, was arrested in Shanghai last May, said Feng, who now heads a private body for civil exchanges between Taiwan and China. The paper said that through Lu, Taiwan intelligence authorities had paid US$60,000 to a Chinese contact called Fu Jian (傅健) to obtain seven classified documents and other information. The court also sentenced Fu to 11 years in jail after he was allegedly found to have provided former lieutenant commander Lu with classified documents, the paper said.


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