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Vote-buyers allegedly used code words while `shopping'


Following the rumors of vote-buying in the wake of Kaohsiung's city council speaker elections, CNA reported that TSU lawmaker Su Ying-kwei (蘇盈貴) yesterday claimed that the vote-buying incident was divided into three stages. Su reportedly said that the pre-payment per vote paid during the second -- pre-election -- stage amounted to NT$5 million. Total payments for the three stages could bring in NT$15 million per corrupt councilor. Su was reported as saying that a vote for the speakership was awarded with NT$10 million, while a vote for the vice speakership was worth NT$5 million.

The report says that the three stages were divided into the pre-city councilors election, the pre-speakership election and the post-speakership election stages.

According to the report, candidates for the city council speakership and vice speakership would assist individual city councilor candidates by giving NT$1 million or NT$2 million in political donations prior to the city councilor elections. Prior to the speakership elections, they would issue NT$5 million pre-payments to the supporting city councilors and, after the elections, they would show their "gratitude" by paying the remainder of the NT$15 million.

The report goes on to say that the code for a payment was "to give someone some quilts," where one quilt equals NT$1 million in cash. The money was delivered in one of two ways, either placed in a notebook computer case and delivered to a place of the recipient's choosing, or by inviting the recipient to a coffee shop for a chat during which the recipient would be directed to a tea house where a "quilt" could be picked up.

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