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Yu defends his family in scandal

ZANADAU Legislator Yu Cheng-dao said he is confident his brother, Minister of the Interior Yu Cheng-hsien, and his mother, Yu Chen Yueh-ying, did nothing untoward


DPP Legislator Yu Cheng-tao, son of Senior Adviser to the President Yu Chen Yue-ying, says his mother is innocent of involvement in the Zanadau scandal.


DPP Legislator Yu Cheng-dao (余政道) yesterday denied that his older brother, Minister of the Interior Yu Cheng-hsien (余政憲), was involved in the Zanadau scandal, saying the public shouldn't suspect the minister just because their mother, Yu Chen Yueh-ying (余陳月英), has been interviewed by prosecutors.

"The financial accounts of my family members are totally separate. I had no idea how much money my mother had until I started assisting her with this case," Yu Cheng-hsien said in a press conference at the Legislative Yuan yesterday.

"Minister Yu and my mother have not been very close to each other for a while. He really has no idea about my mother's relationship to the case."

Senior Adviser to the President Yu Chen, 76, was released on NT$500,000 bail Wednesday night after being interrogated by Kaohsiung prosecutors. Yu Cheng-dao emphasized that her mother was interviewed as a material witness in the case, not as a suspect.

Suspicion of involvement in the scandal has increasingly fallen on Minister Yu, who is also a former Kaohsiung County Commissioner, following the detention of his former city colleague Lin Chi-jui (林琦瑞). Lin is a former chief of the public works bureau of the Kaohsiung County Government. Prosecutors have also interviewed Yu Chen and searched her residence.

Yu Cheng-hsien's wife, DPP Legislator Cheng Kuei-lien (鄭貴蓮), has also said that she and her husband have little knowledge of their family's financial situation, saying the financial account in question has been taken care of by Yu Chen and her sister-in-law Yu Lin-ya (余玲雅).

At yesterday's press conference, Yu Cheng-dao said he would release details of his mother's account to the public in the coming days to prove her innocence.

Yu Cheng-hsien restated his innocence to Premier Yu Shyi-kun in two telephone calls made Wednesday and yesterday, Premier Yu told the media yesterday.

"I am confident of Minister Yu's innocence, and prosecutors will follow through with all aspects of the investigation," Premier Yu said.

The Kaohsiung Prosecutors Office, meanwhile, told reporters yesterday that it is trying to figure out the financial tie between Yu Chen and Su Hui-chen (蘇惠珍), principal shareholder of Zanadau.

The authorities began to investigate the Zanadau case in September, after Su accused former KMT Business Management Committee chairman Liu Tai-ying (劉泰英) of failing to secure financing for the Zanadau project after receiving more than NT$1 billion in kickbacks from her.

The Kaohsiung Prosecutors' Office filed a request to the district court to detain Su on a charge of breach of trust after interrogating her for more than 24 hours Monday. The court, however, decided to release her without charging her.

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