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Chart your route

2007 Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition introduces international aviation, naval and land technology contractors and manufacturers to showcase their full range of civil and military product and services to the Taiwan aerospace and defense industry.


Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition presents international aviation, naval and land technology contractors and manufacturers with the most comprehensive cross-service platform to showcase their full range of civil and military product and services to the Taiwan aerospace and defense industry. The Taiwanese military equipment modernization effort has focused on improving mobility and fire power, primarily through the acquisition of tanks, helicopters, and short-range air defense missiles.

It has been projected that Taiwan will spend in excess of NT$700 billion (US$20.68 billion) for 11 items as a part of its arms-procurement spending from 2003 through 2012. According to Washington Post (May 21, 2006), Taiwan had pledged to increase its defense spending by 20 percent, boosting its defense budget from its current 2.5 to 3 percent of gross domestic product.

Taiwan's projected defense budget for 2006 is USD $7.93 billion (NT$253 billion), of this amount, a significant amount will be dedicated to weapons procurement, development, and engineering including USD 4.4 billion for diesel submarines; USD 1.38 billion for long rang early warning radar; USD 1.17 billion for Apache attack helicopters; USD 2.65 billion for patriot missiles; USD 460 million for mine clearance and transport helicopters; USD 835 million for Kidd destroyers; USD 1625 million for armoured vehicles; USD 206 million for assault amphibian vehicles; USD 368 million for Orion anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft; USD 5 billion for new weapons; USD 3.87 billion for weapons for accessories; USD 160 million for 12 helicopters for the National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior; USD 56.63 million for anti-ship missiles; USD 16.7 million for air-to-air missiles; USD 153 million for C4ISR.

Commercial aviation

Taiwan is strategically located at the center of the world's fastest growing aviation market, the Asia Pacific region. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) also expects Asian passenger traffic and cargo traffic to grow above global averages at 6.5% and 8.5% p.a. respectively up till 2009.

Taiwan's international air routes are served by about 150 civil planes that fly to 56 major cities throughout the world. Seven carriers operate domestic routes that reach to all of the island's main cities and offshore islands. Industry experts have estimated that the Taiwan aerospace industry will reach a production value of US$1,280 million by 2006 and US$3,125 million by 2011. In addition, the Taiwan repair and maintenance market is expected to be valued at US$100 billion market over the next two decades.

In a bid to enhance Taiwan as an international gateway, the country is undergoing a major period of airport development and upgrading work on the many smaller airports in the country.

Your technology showcase platform

ADTE 2007 offers you the invaluable opportunity to network and showcase your products to the Taiwanese aerospace and defense community including Military delegations, Government Officials, Airlines, Airport Operators, Civil Aviation Authorities, Homeland Security Officials and Police.

TADTE 2005 at a glance

80 exhibitors from 9 countries were present at TADTE 2005 to showcase their aerospace and defense capabilities to the delegations from Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense and the local aviation and defense industry.

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