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World-class biological paradise in Penghu

By Tourism Bureau Penghu County Government

Tongpan Basalt 桶盤玄武岩



The Penghu archipelago consists of near one hundred islands. The land area totals about 127 square kilometers. The Makung Island (including Makung City and Hushi) is the largest island in the archipelago, followed by Hsiyu, Baisha. Only 20 islands are inhabited.

The Penghu archipelago, lying in the middle of the Taiwan Strait, is the only island whose coastlines are formed of basalt magma. It is the hometown of sea and wind as well as basalt.

Chelonia mydas (綠蠵龜)

They are mostly herbivorous. They have no teeth, and have calm tempers. Green turtles cannot pull their heads inside of their shells as tortoises while being attacked, but the huge bodies and excellent swimming skill help them to escape from their enemies.

Green turtles, which have reproduced in Penghu for thousands of years, are our precious assets. They need our protection. Please don't disturb them because of curiosity and let them keep enjoying the natural assets.

Penghu Skylark (雲雀)

Penghu skylarks, alauda gulgula, often appear on the plain and fly into the air, singing. They, so called "the bird in mid air," are a special type of wild birds in Penghu.

Alauda gulgula is a type of birds belonging to the Lavrock family (a total of 75 types in the world and one type in Taiwan). Excepting the North and South Poles, the family Lavrock is distributed all over the world as well as in Taiwan. They have feather combs on heads, wide wings, long legs and claws. They mainly inhabit in open plains, dry lands, and open areas of mountains, and nest in the low-lying ground. Insects and plant seeds are their food. There are two subspecies of skylarks in Taiwan. One is A.g.wattersi that lives in Taiwan and the other is A.g.coelivox that lives in Penghu.

Basalt (玄武岩)

Little did we know that basalt can create so many styles and features. Penghu indeed opens our eyes! Excepting Flower Island formed of porphyrite and quartz porphyrite, the Penghu archipelago are volcanic islands composed of basalt magma. Erosion and sea alluvium over years have shaped the currently magnificent geological landscape.

The northern coast of Yuanpei Island and a basalt column on the eastern side is known as the "Brush Pen and Inkstone" because of similar shapes. The scenery is unique.

Giant Lion Scenic Area on Chimei Island features a giant stone lion sitting atop a cliff. Lungcheng Gulf on the north side of the Island is named for its winding formations resembling a dragon.

Furthermore, the Whale Cave on Hsiaomen Island, Chimen in Shimen Hsiang and basalt columns in Tayeh are all worth a visit. The grandeur of Penghu basalt, like elaborate workmanship of engravers, deserves your appreciation and praise.

For more information, please visit http://tour.penghu.gov.tw

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