Acrimony brews in local cricket circles over photo

By Grant Dexter and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporters

Thu, Dec 05, 2013 - Page 18

A local cricket body, which was formed in 2010 and has little history of organizing cricket matches, has used a photograph from a completely unrelated cricket federation’s tournament in a presentation to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), sparking a stern response from the organizers.

The Chinese Taipei Cricket Sports Association (CTCSA), which has managed to secure the Taiwan Olympic Committee and the Asian Cricket Council’s backing, used a picture from the CKS Tournament organized by the Taipei Cricket Federation (TCF) — an independently formed body which has no affiliation to the CTCSA — at the Asian Cricket Council’s finance committee meeting at the Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel in Thailand on Nov. 19.

CTCSA secretary Allen Chen posted a photograph from the meeting to the association’s Facebook page showing himself in front of a PowerPoint presentation featuring a photograph from the tournament with the words: “Primary school teams. This tournament is held in 2012 [sic] and 2013. This year CTCSA organised school tournament.”

The photograph also appears in a PDF file on the association’s Web site.

The Taipei Cricket Federation’s CKS Tournament, which took place on Nov. 16 and 17 this year, was the first time the event was held.

Taipei Cricket federation president Vincent Wang said: “The 2013 CKS Cricket Tournament in Taipei was organized by TCF. It was the first official cricket tournament in Taipei. The results will be recorded in Taiwan’s sporting history.”

He added that the Chinese Taipei association did not provide any financial or other support for the tournament.

Wang said that his federation is supervised by the Taipei Municipal Athletics Federation and that the Chinese Taipei association is a national body under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior’s Department of Social Affairs.

“TCF is not a member of CTCSA yet. The two parties run independently, but have the common goal of promoting cricket, whether in Taipei or nationwide,” Wang said.

When asked about the use of the photograph, Wang said: “We heard that a CKS Tournament photo was used at an ACC board meeting for purposes not related to the TCF. Since we did not attend the meeting, there’s no comment we can make. However, it is clear that the CKS Cup was sponsored by the Taipei Sports Office and organized by us, and the CTCSA was not involved.”

The tournament was the first organized by the federation, which was established last year with the aim of meeting the needs of the five clubs that are based in and around Taipei and to reach out to more Taiwanese players — something that has met with a modicum of success.

Ali Chang, who represents the nonaffiliated and unofficial group known as Taiwan Cricket and coaches the women’s team from Chang Jung Christian University in Greater Tainan who played in the CKS Cup, said he told the Asian Cricket Council that this was a federation tournament and the organizers worked very hard on it, adding that the federation should complain to the ACC in writing.

“I was curious that this is a TCF tournament and CTCSA showed this picture in Thailand to the ACC — for what?” he said in comments on the photograph posted on the association’s Facebook page.

The Asian Cricket Council development officer in charge of Taiwan, former Bangladesh Test cricketer Aminul Islam, did not wish to comment on the presentation or the use of the photograph.

Chen also had no comment about the use of photograph.

“Now TCF is TCF, CTCSA is CTCSA. So I will not contact TCF again,” he said. “I will help the 21 other counties and cities, but not Taipei City.”

Chen said his father, CTCSA president Chen Tai-sheng, knew about the use of the photograph and said he also used photographs provided by teams from New Taipei City and Yunlin County.

“They didn’t say no, only Taipei city [objected to the use of the photograph],” he said. “And I listened to Vincent’s [Wang] requirement and I deleted it.”

The photograph has since been removed from Facebook, but was available as of press time in a PDF file, which outlined the meeting’s schedule, on the association’s Web site at

Allen Chen said the association was supporting the Wuliao Elementary School team in New Taipei City and the Shih Hu Junior High School team in Yunlin County with equipment, and that their next chance to play would be next year.

Teams from those two schools played in the CKS Tournament.

He was noncommittal on whether the sides would be allowed to participate in another Taipei-organized competition.

“Maybe yes or maybe no,” he said. “Mr Wang and the TCF are in charge of Taipei.”

The association was similarly noncommittal about their relationship with the well-established clubs in Taiwan, which are largely made up of non-Taiwanese.

The No. 1 priority for cricket in Taiwan should be to establish a proper cricket ground in Taipei because that is where a proper season can be established. However, Allen Chen said he was not so sure.

“Although I think a ground is important, the teams are more important,” he said. “They can find a baseball ground to play on, then we can think about building a real cricket ground later.”

Baseball fields can be rented for about NT$30,000 per game.

“The No. 1 priority for CTCSA is educating Taiwanese about cricket and making Taiwanese teams,” he said.