Japanese fans mob Chelsea players in Starbucks

Reuters,YOKOHAMA, Japan

Wed, Dec 12, 2012 - Page 19

Millionaire Chelsea players Petr Cech and Paulo Ferreira popped into a Starbucks for coffee after training in Yokohama yesterday and were mobbed as they waited in line.

Defender Ferreira purchased a “Yokohama Starbucks” coffee mug as a souvenir, but goalkeeper Cech opted to save his money as dozens of fans in Chelsea shirts swarmed around them.

Picking up a small size coffee, Cech asked his teammate: “Do you want to drink here or go back [to the hotel]?”

Closely watched by team security, the players patiently signed autographs and posed for photos with fans as they waited before Ferreira nervously replied: “Go back.”

Japanese fans were thrilled at the surprise visit by their idols.

“Brilliant!” 21-year-old student Shohei Tanimura said.

“That was lucky. I only came in for a quick coffee. Cech was huge. He’s even bigger than he looks on TV,” he added.

Chelsea’s jet-lagged players had just finished training ahead of tomorrow’s Club World Cup semi-final against Mexico’s Monterrey in Yokohama.