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Japan grapples with providing food from Fukushima at Tokyo Olympics


“Food menus and catering companies for the Olympic Village are under discussion and have yet to be defined,” a spokesman told reporters.

Tokyo Games organizers said that promoting areas affected by the 2011 disaster remains a key goal.

“Supporting the area’s reconstruction efforts through the sourcing of its food and beverage products is one of our basic strategies; we are therefore seriously considering doing this,” Tokyo Games spokesman Masa Takaya told reporters.

Rules on what food and drink could be brought in independently by teams were still being reviewed, he said.

Pointing to the strict standards of Japanese checks, he said that the organizers “are confident the food we will serve to athletes will be completely safe.”

In Fukushima, producers can only wait and hope for the best.

Tomio Kusano, a pear farmer in Iwaki, struggled enormously after the disaster.

“My world really collapsed, but I never thought for a second of quitting,” he said, adding that his perseverance is finally paying off.

“I don’t get subsidies any more. My pears are inspected and there are no problems. They are selling well again in Japan and Vietnam has started to import them,” Kusano said.

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