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Tense final drives up interest in chess

The Guardian

The industry is even experimenting with heart monitors, following the player’s pulse and showing it through on-screen graphics.

“Some of the pulse rates are absolutely terrifying. I mean, it’s actually a miracle that some chess players don’t expire on the spot, frankly,” Pein said.

CSC is doing its part to bring the game to a wider audience, encouraging students to take it up.

“Every private school has a chess club, but only a very small minority of state schools do,” Pein said.

“We send people in to teach it as a classroom subject. That way, we get more girls playing, rather than having a club, where you get the stereotypical problem of: ‘Oh, it’s a boy’s game,’” he added. “If you teach chess in the classroom, then as many girls as boys are playing, and the best player can be a girl quite often. And why not?”

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