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FEATURE: Concussions rife for women, kids

Reuters, NEW YORK

Cardone said the concussion center has been researching both the diagnosis and treatment of concussions, including rehabbing with light aerobic activities and other therapies.

“Before, it was cognitive rest, physical rest and that was the treatment,” Cardone said. “In the past two, three years studies have said maybe we could affect duration and the course of a concussion with some interventions.”

Cardone said multi-prong approaches use physical therapies, speech and auditory therapy and the testing of eye movements.

“Fifty percent of brain function, or more, is exhibited through eyes, movement and vision,” said Cardone, who said parents could be shown how to administer eye tests.

A big concern in youth soccer surrounds the act of heading the ball, and the US Soccer Federation has advised that players 10 and younger not be exposed to it, and players up to 13 only practice it and not head the ball in games.

“There is a lot of jostling and a lot of head impact. Most of the concussions are from hitting your head against an opposing player when going for a header,” Cardone said.

Neither Cardone nor Twellman wants to discourage youth from taking up sports.

“I think it’s important that youth sports addresses it, doesn’t scare people, doesn’t take people away from the sport, but adjusts rules accordingly,” Twellman said. “I think we’ll make them safer.”

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