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Hakuho waltzes Kotomitsuki out of ring to keep lead


Mongolian Hakuho won a convincing victory over sekiwake Kotomitsuki yesterday and stayed tied for the lead with Chiyotaikai and Miyabiyama at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

In the day's final bout, Hakuho grabbed Kotomitsuki's belt and waltzed him out of the ring to improve to 9-1, while giving his opponent his fifth loss against five wins.

Ozeki Chiyotaikai notched his ninth win against one loss by deploying rapid-fire arm thrusts to Aminishiki's neck, sending him out in a matter of seconds. Third-ranked maegashira Aminishiki fell to 4-6.

Sekiwake Miyabiyama used a barrage of arm thrusts to the neck and chest before pulling Wakanosato down to the dirt surface to improve to 9-1. Wakanosato, a No. 2 maegashira, fell to 2-8.

In other major bouts yesterday, Kotooshu was handed his fourth loss when Kyokushuzan stepped to the side at the faceoff and quickly took hold of the Bulgarian grappler's belt and sent him out of the raised ring.

Kyokushuzan of Mongolia, a No. 5 maegashira, improved to 8-2, while Kotooshu dropped to 6-4.

Ozeki Kaio posted his eighth win against two losses when he yanked on the back of Tokitenku's neck soon after the faceoff. Kaio improved to 8-2. Tokitenku of Mongolia, a fourth-ranked maegashira, dropped to 3-7.

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