New law removes dog and cat from Taiwan menus


Wed, Jan 03, 2001 - Page 3

A bill to ban people from eating dogs was passed by Taiwan's parliament yesterday in a move one legislator said was a must to show Taiwan has moved into a more civilized era.

Under the new legislation, the meat and fur of pets like dogs and cats cannot be used for economic purpose. Anyone violating the law could be fined up to NT$10,000. The law will be effective after ratification by the president.

"I have been a dog lover since my childhood," said DPP lawmaker Wang Sing-nan DPP (王幸男), speaking of his motivation behind the amendment. He said dog consumption was understandable when a country was poor and people viewed the meat as a nutritious source.

"But things have changed, given Taiwan's dynamic economic development for many year. I felt I must do something to protect pets here particularly after I returned from the United States," Wang said. The former dissident has recently returned after eight years in the US. Wang said he had received protest from some dog meat restaurants when his push was unveiled last year.