Shea Jia-dong 許嘉棟


Sat, Apr 22, 2000 - Page 3

■ Shea Jia-dong (許嘉棟), 52, is to become Minister of Finance. He is currently deputy governor of the Central Bank of China.

Born in Tainan County in 1948, Shea was the director of the Institute of Economics at Academia Sinica and a professor at the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University.

Shea holds a doctorate in economics from Stanford University. He originally studied foreign trade but found it too boring, switching then to economics.

Shea follows in the footsteps of other former Central Bank governors who have moved from bank governor to head the finance ministry. The four finance ministers prior to him made the same shift.

One area of research Shea is particularly interested in is Taiwan's financial development and its financial policies.

He was chosen because of his identification with Taiwanese culture and his liberal approach to economics and finance.