City government to introduce garbage collection fees


Tue, Jan 18, 2000 - Page 2

Taipei City Government's Bureau of Environmental Protection (EPA) is to shortly release rates which citizens are to be charged for collection of their garbage.

An initial report in the Chinese-language press indicated that Taipei residents will have to pay NT$0.5 for each liter of garbage they produce. The estimated monthly garbage fee for each household will be around NT$100, according to the report. The program will be implemented after being approved by the City Council.

During the trial period for the garbage fee program, which is scheduled to run between April and June, the EPA is to give away free 33-liter and 92-liter refuse bags to each household, however, citizens will be able to use their own bags if they wish.

But after July, when the program is officially launched, only new, regulation-sized bags will be accepted for collection.

In order to promote the program, city officials will offer discount coupons for the new regulation garbage bags.

To minimize the total garbage volume generated by each household in the city, the EPA is encouraging people to reuse plastic shopping bags, and to use other "non-disposable" products wherever possible.

In addition, business-owners are being advised to play their part by simplifying the wrapping of merchandise at stores.