Zap those noisy mobiles?

Thu, Oct 14, 1999 - Page 2

It hasn't hit Taiwan yet, but the device might arrive soon. Listen to this:

A Hong Kong inventor, annoyed by loud public conversations on mobile telephones, has come up with a hand-held device which can interrupt such calls, the Hong Kong Standard reported yesterday.

Anil Vora said he created the device -- called a "mobile squelcher" -- because he hates nuisance cellphone conversations by users in enclosed areas such as trains, restaurants or cinemas. Sound familiar?

"The conversation will immediately break up, just like a radio changing frequency," by simply zapping the device in the direction of the mobile telephone users, Vora says.

The repeated interruption usually results in the mobile phone user abandoning the call and peace descending.

Will the device be marketed in Taiwan?

Vora is attending the Hong Kong Electronics Fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center this week, with hopes of finding distributors for Taiwan and Japan, among other places. Zap!

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