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Coast guard officials hurt while arresting fishermen


A raid by Taiwan's coast guard on illicit trade between Penghu and Chinese fishermen on the beach of Hsiyu village (西嶼鄉) turned into a brawl yesterday, with two ranking officers nearly drowning.

Members of the Penghu Coast Guard Squadron were on a beach in Hsiyu apprehending Chinese fishermen who had snuck into Taiwan territory and were conducting illegal trade with the locals when Penghu residents jumped into the fray for unknown reasons.

During the three-way scuffle, two maritime officers -- Chen Long-ming (陳隆明), deputy director of the Penghu Coast Guard Team, and Chen Chen-sheng (陳振盛), captain of the Penghu Coastal Squadron -- suffered head trauma, hand wounds and bruises to the body before being thrown into the sea.

The two officers were later scooped out of the water by Penghu police who had rushed to the scene. Both officers are recovering from their ordeal.

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