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Calling all presidential candidates

Are you the firstborn in your family? An only child? The middle child? The baby of the family?

A US paperback titled The New Birth Order Book might shed some light on how the birth order of Lien Chan, James Soong or Chen Shui-bian influences who they are -- and how they act.

It might also help them see how their birth order affects their relationships with others, whether at home or "on the job."

According so some psychologists, both here and overseas, birth order affects personality, marriage, parenting style, career and children.

The author of The New Birth Order Book, Kevin Leman, is an internationally known psychologist, humorist and TV personality and lives in Arizona.

Regarding the three major presidential candidates and their family birth order, Off the Beat has learned that:

* KMT presidential candidate Lien Chan is an only child.

* DPP presidential candidate Chen Shui-bian is the first born.

* Maverick independent presidential candidate James Soong is a second child, but his elder sister died young in a drowning accident, which moved him up to an eldest child position, according to sources.

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