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Man in thirties nearly dies of heart attack following drop in temperature
天冷氣溫低 三旬男心肌梗塞險死

A 37-year-old man recently went to the Changhua Christian Hospital after experiencing sudden chest pain. During a cardiac catheterization, which revealed that his right coronary artery was completely blocked, the man suddenly suffered heart failure due to cardiogenic shock. The doctor immediately performed a surgeryFULL STORY


A: My dog is off his food recently. B: How come? Is he picky? A: Yes, he is. Last week I had roast chicken, and I gave him all the leftovers. He’s refused to eat dog food ever since. B: Whatever you do, don’t go all softFULL STORY

US recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital: Taiwan not to follow
美承認耶路撒冷為以首都 外交部不跟進

US President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to international condemnation. On Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Taiwan will not follow suit, that with the exception of the US, no other country in the world recognizes Jerusalem as theFULL STORY


A: The air quality has been terrible lately. When I go out I have to wear a face mask. B: Me, too. What with the changes in temperature and the air pollution, I have terrible allergies at the moment. A: Is it your sinuses? B: It’s not justFULL STORY

Taiwan’s Chou Tzu-yu to perform at Japan’s Red and White Festival
Twice 台灣成員周子瑜 將登日本「紅白大賽」

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) recently announced its lineup for the 68th “Red and White Year-end Song Festival.” Korean girl group Twice has been invited to attend for the first time, making Taiwanese member Chou Tzu-yu the fifth Taiwanese to perform at the show — behindFULL STORY


A: There’s so much fake news on the Internet at the moment, it’s difficult to tell what is true and what isn’t. B: I don’t think it’s that difficult, you just need to see whether the more well-known media are also reporting on similar stories. A: TheFULL STORY

Lin Yi-han and Chi Po-lin appear on 2017 most-searched online names list
二零一七年十大熱搜新聞人物 林奕含、齊柏林離世 台灣最痛心

As we begin counting the waning days of the year, Yahoo Kimo has announced its Top 10 list of people in news searches during 2017. Compared to last year, when international and Taiwanese politicians dominated the list, 90 percent of this year’s rankings were eitherFULL STORY


A: The other day, when I was eating, I bit the inside of my mouth and it’s swollen up really badly. B: That’s happened to me before and when it’s swollen it’s easy to bite it again. A: I know. It’s already much better, but then thisFULL STORY

Plastics found in stomachs of deepest sea creatures

Animals from the deepest places on Earth have been found with plastic in their stomachs, confirming fears that manmade fibers have contaminated the most remote places on the planet. The study, led by academics at Newcastle University, found animals from trenches across the Pacific Ocean wereFULL STORY


A: I read an article that said you should try to save at least 30 percent of your salary every month. B: I’d be pleased if I were left with one or two thousand NT at the end of the month, once I’d paid the rent,FULL STORY

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