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B: In the end, I didn’t have to wait seven days for the glasses. They were ready to pick up from the store after only three days.

A: That reminds me, my dad has a really complicated prescription. He has an astigmatism and needs prism correction, so his lenses are specially produced in Japan.

B: Wow, I imagine they must be really expensive.

B: 到頭來,我並不需要等上七天才能拿到眼鏡。才過了三天眼鏡就在門市可以去拿了。

A: 這讓我想到,我爸爸的眼鏡度數非常複雜。他一隻眼睛有散光,需要稜鏡矯正,所以他的鏡片是在日本特製的。

B: 哇,我可以想像這樣的鏡片一定要價不菲。

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