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B: I asked if there was a discount, since the lenses are supposed to be produced on-the-spot and within 30 minutes.

A: Let me guess: “I’m sorry sir, there’s no discount.”

B: You guessed it. I was feeling a bit miffed, so I asked to see the manager. He said: “I am the manager.”

B: 我問店員說有沒有折扣,畢竟鏡片本來應該在現場、而且是三十分鐘以內就可以配好。

A: 讓我猜猜看:「先生很抱歉,沒有折扣喔。」

B: 你猜中啦。我那時覺得有點不高興,就說要找店長。結果他說:「我就是店長。」

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