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A: Now you mention it, in my building the fire extinguishers are all covered with protective plastic.

B: That’s pretty stupid! If there’s a fire, the last thing you want is to be wasting precious seconds struggling to remove a plastic cover.

A: Exactly. Who cares if the extinguishers get a little dusty?

A: 既然妳提到了火災,我住的大樓滅火器都是用塑膠保護套包著耶。

B: 那樣還蠻蠢的!萬一火災發生,最不該做的就是浪費寶貴的時間,使勁地把塑膠套拆掉。

A: 就是啊,誰會在乎滅火器上有點灰塵嘛?

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