American & British English 美式英文&英式英文

Thu, Nov 14, 2019 - Page 15

The word “chips” means different things in American and British English. Chips in British English are usually thick-cut potato wedges, baked or fried, often served as a side dish with a main meal. In the US, these are usually cut thinner, in long, narrow pieces, and are called “(French) fries,” a term also used in British English to refer to this particular style of chip, often served with fast food. In American English, “chips” refers to wafer-thin slices of potato, deep fried or baked until crunchy: in British English, these are called “crisps.”

There are other foods given different names: cookies, referring to crunchy, baked snacks, are generally called “biscuits” in British English; biscuits in the US, however, are quick breads with a firm crust and soft, crumbly interior. Candies are “sweets” in British English; cotton candy is “candy floss”; cupcakes are “fairy cakes”; frosting is “icing”; popsicles are “ice lollies”; and jello is “jelly.”

The sweet course usually eaten at the end of a meal, called “dessert” in both American and British English, is also often referred to as “pudding” in British English. The word “pudding” can also be used for savory dishes in British English, and in fact originally referred exclusively to savory, not sweet, dishes, often in which meat or other ingredients were encased and then steamed or boiled: it is still used in this way with dishes such as “black pudding.” In American English, by comparison, “pudding” is used specifically for a milk-based dessert with a consistency similar to egg-based custards.

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)


英、美式英文中食物的不同說法還有:美式英文的「cookies」(餅乾),指的是鬆脆的烘焙點心,在英式英文中通常稱為「biscuits」(餅乾);而美國的「biscuits」,則是外表硬、內部軟而易成碎屑的「quick bread」(速發麵包)。美國的「candies」(糖果)在英式英文叫做「sweets」;美國的「cotton candy」(棉花糖)是英國的「candy floss」;美國叫「cupcakes」(杯子蛋糕)的,在英國叫「fairy cakes」;美國的「frosting」(糖霜)是英國的「icing」;美國的「popicles」(冰棒)即為英國「ice lollies」;美國的「jello」(果凍)則是英國的「jelly」。

一般在飯後吃的甜食,在美式英文和英式英文中都稱做「dessert」(甜點),在英式英文中也常稱為「pudding」(布丁)。「pudding」一詞在英式英文中也可指鹹味的菜餚──其實它原本僅指鹹味而非甜味的菜餚,通常是以肉或其他食材為內餡,然後蒸或煮熟──現今仍有此用法,例如「black pudding」(黑布丁∕英式豬血香腸)。美式英文的「pudding」(布丁)則是專指牛奶製的甜點,其軟硬度類似雞蛋做的卡士達。