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B: Let me show you the correct way to eat sushi: turn it upside down, lightly dip the fish side down into the soy sauce, then take a bite.

A: I’ve seen people dip the rice side into the soy sauce.

B: It’s a common misconception. The rice will soak up too much soy sauce and obscure the delicate flavor of the fish. Also, if the soy sauce gets into the rice, it will start to fall apart.

B: 我來為你示範壽司的正確吃法︰先把它翻過來,用魚肉那面沾點醬油,然後就能吃了。

A: 大多數人會用飯那面去沾醬油。

B: 對啊這是常見的迷思,飯容易吸收太多醬油,掩蓋魚肉細緻的風味。而且醬油跑進飯之後,飯會開始散掉。

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