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A: It’s my first time at a sushi restaurant. Could you give me some pointers?

B: Don’t worry, it’s really simple. Just help yourself to whatever you want to eat from the conveyor belt. The plates are color-coded, each color represents a different price.

A: Wow, they have handy taps right here for washing our hands.

B: Stop! That’s boiling water for making tea.

A: 這是我第一次來壽司餐廳耶,你能指點我一下嗎?

B: 別擔心很簡單,想吃什麼就自己從輸送帶上拿。盤子是以顏色來區分,每種顏色代表不同的價錢。

A: 哇,這裡還有水龍頭能洗手真方便。

B: 不要動!那是泡茶用的熱水啦。

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