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A: I think I would be quite happy having an AI robot helper.

B: Well, it’s not impossible that you will have one within your lifetime.

A: As far as I’m concerned, robots can do my job and all the domestic errands, and I’ll just put my feet up.

B: We have two competing visions of the future: one in which AI destroys us, the other in which it makes us a nice cup of tea.

A: 我想我會十分樂意擁有人工智慧機器人傭工。

B: 嗯,在你有生之年,擁有機器人也不是不可能的事。

A: 對我來說,機器人可以做我的工作,還有所有家務雜事,而我只要翹著腿休息就好啦。

B: 看來我們對於未來有兩種對立的看法︰一種是人工智慧將會摧毀我們,另一種則是它將使生活更美好。

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