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A: If the robots obey and help out around the house, it sounds like a good idea.

B: On the surface, yes, but some people object to the use of lifelike robots.

A: I guess they’re afraid they will replace people and think that forming relationships of any sort with a robot is unnatural.

B: Exactly. These people form vigilante groups and go out under cover of darkness, stealing robots and destroying them.

A: 嗯,只要機器人乖乖聽話在家幫忙,聽起來像是個好主意。

B: 表面上是這樣,但當然也會有人反對使用如此逼真的機器人。

A: 我猜他們害怕機器人取代人類,並認為和機器人發展出任何形式的關係都是不自然的。

B: 就是啊。這些人還組成了正義魔人團體,在黑夜掩護下,出去偷取機器人並將他們摧毀。

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