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A: What is the interaction between the robots and their human owners like?

B: Well, the robots themselves have limited emotional reactions. They cannot fall in love, and they’re not allowed to talk back, disagree or argue with their owners.

A: But I would imagine the owners form some emotional attachment to them.

B: Of course, in the same way that people get attached to their pets.

A: 那機器人和人類主人之間的互動如何?

B: 這個嘛,機器人本身的情感反應很有限,他們不能跟主人戀愛,也不准頂嘴、意見不合,或爭吵。

A: 但我可以想像主人對他們形成某種情緒依戀。

B: 當然啦!就像人們對寵物的依戀一樣吧。

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