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B: The robots’ skin is quite realistic, but it’s just rubber stretched over their frame.

A: So you can easily tell who is a robot and who is human?

B: That’s right. The skin is very shiny and smooth, with no blemishes or marks. The male ones don’t have any stubble. The makeup on the female ones is permanent. They have no need to remove it.

B: 機器人的皮膚很逼真,但只是鋪在框架上的一層橡膠。

A: 所以能輕易區分誰是機器人、誰是人類囉?

B: 對啊,機器人的皮膚閃亮又光滑,毫無任何瑕疵或疤痕。男性沒有鬍渣,女性的妝容持久不變,也不需要卸妝。

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