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A: I, on the other hand, couldn’t swim, so I was petrified, and just held on the boat as it was carried downstream.

B: That must have been scary. The river widens out downstream, so who rescued you in the end?

A: Luckily, I wasn’t too far from the side, and there was someone on the bank fishing. I called out to him, and he held out his fishing rod. I grabbed hold of it and was pulled in with the boat.

A: 不過我因為不會游泳,當時嚇呆了,只好緊緊抓著船,就一路被沖到下游了。

B: 太可怕了吧,下游的河水那麼寬,你是被誰救起來的?

A: 還好我離河岸沒有很遠,正好看到有人在岸邊釣魚,我大聲向他喊救命,他把釣竿伸過來。我就抓著釣竿,跟船慢慢被拉過去。

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