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A: Gran was discharged from hospital yesterday, but she’ll probably need kidney dialysis.

B: I’m sure she would have been very happy you all took turns visiting her.

A: If you have old people in your family, they need regular health checks.

B: Yep. Blood and urine tests are very important. If they feel ill, you need to find out what’s causing it.

A: 昨天我外婆順利出院啦,但以後可能要洗腎。

B: 我想,這段時間家人輪流去醫院探望跟照顧外婆,她也很開心吧。

A: 家裡要是有老人家,一定要定期叮嚀他們去健康檢查。

B: 是啊,血液檢查跟尿液檢查是很重要的,不能頭痛醫頭、腳痛醫腳。

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