‘Red Dust’ and ‘Extreme Job’ receive rave reviews 《滾滾紅塵》、《雞不可失》 話題鉅片大受好評

Fri, Mar 15, 2019 - Page 15

Red Dust, directed by Hong Kong’s Yim Ho and written by the legendary Taiwanese author Sanmao, is an epic romance from the annals of Taiwanese cinema. It tells the story of a beautiful writer who falls in love with a Chinese traitor working with the Japanese during wartime. The digitally-restored version returned to the big screen last weekend.

The 1990 blockbuster was nominated for 12 Golden Horse Awards and won eight, including Best Feature Film, Best Actress for Brigitte Lin and Best Supporting Actress for Maggie Cheung. Attending the premiere of the restored version in Taipei on Tuesday last week, Lin said the movie is particularly significant to her, and that she regards it as a career milestone.

South Korean megahit Extreme Job also hit a milestone last week, taking the top spot in Korean box office history. The action comedy is about a team of detectives going undercover at a fried chicken shop to monitor an organized crime gang nearby. The movie has received favorable reviews after opening in Taiwan late last month.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)