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A: I’ll need to renew my passport soon. It will expire in a couple of months.

B: You should have done that some time ago. Some countries won’t allow you in unless you have at least six months left on your passport.

A: I didn’t realize that. I don’t plan to travel anywhere until the end of the year, but I should get it renewed, just in case something comes up.

A: 我很快就需要換新護照了。舊的那本再過幾個月就會過期。

B: 你前陣子就應該先去辦了。除非你的護照期限至少還有六個月,不然有些國家會不准你入境。

A: 我沒有意識到這件事耶。我在年底前沒有去哪裡旅遊的計畫,不過也應該換新護照,以免突然有事。

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