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A: Now it’s stopped bucketing with rain, let’s head over to Hoshisuna-no-Hama beach. It’s the one with star-shaped grains of sand.

B: Good plan. I’ll fetch some empty plastic bottles from our hotel room. I want to collect the star sand and use it to make some decorations for the house.

A: No, we should leave it be and help preserve the environment.

A: 現在傾盆大雨終於停啦,我們往星砂海灘出發吧!那個海灘上的沙粒是星星的形狀。

B: 這計畫不錯。我去飯店房間裡拿一些空的寶特瓶。我想蒐集星砂,之後用來做幾件屋內擺飾。

A: 不行。不要這樣做。我們應該要讓它們繼續留在那裡,幫忙保護環境。

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