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A: Don’t make me get out of bed: I don’t want to go to work.

B: Well, today’s the sixth day, but it’s also a Sunday. It’s nice out, let’s go for a walk.

A: I want to go see the cherry blossom. I’ve heard it’s out in the mountains.

B: Sure. We’ll get a good walk in today, then tonight we’ll sleep well and we won’t get the back-to-work blues.

A: 不要叫我起床,我不想上班。

B: 今天雖然是初六,可是也是星期天呀,天氣那麼好,我們出去走走吧。

A: 那我想去看櫻花,聽說山上的櫻花盛開了。

B: 沒問題,今天多走一點路,晚上就會好睡很多,不會有收假症候群。

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