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A: The group hike up Jade Mountain will cost around NT$8,500, but this includes the permit, transportation to and from the mountain, two nights’ accommodation, food and a guide.

B: That sounds very reasonable. What’s the food like?

A: The meals are quite simple. All the food needs to be carried up the mountain by foot every day.

B: And how about the accommodation?

A: 跟團登玉山要花新台幣八千五百元左右,費用包含入山證、玉山來回的交通、兩晚住宿、食物跟一位嚮導。

B: 價格聽起來很合理。那大概都是怎樣的食物啊?

A: 餐點很簡便哦。畢竟全部的食物都是每天以人力背上山的。

B: 那住宿大概會是什麼樣子呢?

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