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A : Remember it was very hot, and the family were poor.

B : So, they might not have been able to afford to have air conditioning on all day. They were sweaty.

A : The husband was at work all day, in a nearby office. He wouldn’t have been sweaty when he came home.

B : And he might have insisted on having the air conditioning on when he was home.

A : 然後你記得,那時候天氣非常熱,她們家境很貧困。

B : 所以,她們可能沒辦法負擔整天開著冷氣。結果全身都是汗。

A : 那位丈夫一整天都在上班,公司又很近,他到家的時候不可能滿身大汗。

B : 然後他搞不好還很堅持他待在家的時候,冷氣要一直開著。

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