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A: I should tell you at this point, the wife stayed at home during the day with the kids.

B: And the husband went out to work?

A: Yes, in a nearby office. Also, it was the height of summer and the family was quite poor.

B: How is that related to their purported special magnetic powers?

A: 我先跟你講一件事。白天的時候,那位太太跟孩子們都待在家裡。

B: 然後丈夫出門上班嗎?

A: 嗯,在附近的辦公室。而且那時候是夏天最熱的時候,她們家境也很窮困。

B: 這跟她們所聲稱的特異功能有什麼關係啊?

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